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Start by selecting the type of tag that applies to this definition. More tags types will be added soon.

About tagging

Nj Compare Contrast com When you tag a definition, it will be instantly visible to all users who view that definition. They will then have the opportunity to vote-up your tag if they feel it is accurate and helpful or flag your tag if it is inaccurate or has other issues.

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Before tagging a definition, please make sure you have a thorough understanding of both the term you are tagging as well as the tag you are adding.

Tag as Regional

Nj Compare Contrast com Some definitions primarily apply to the Chinese spoken/used in certain countries or regions.

For instance, the term 土豆 means "potato" when used in China; however, the same term, 土豆, means "peanut" when used in Taiwan. Thus, the term's definition "potato" is tagged as regional to China while the definition "peanut" is tagged as regional to Taiwan.

A regional definition may be understood or even used the same way outside of it's region; however, it is much less common or may be completely foreign to Chinese speakers from other parts of the world.

Only tag a definition as regional if it does not apply outside of a specific region, or if it is rarely used by Chinese speakers from other parts of the world.

Note that terms may contain several definitions and it's possible that only some, one or none of those definitions are regional. It is also possible that a single term contains multiple definitions, each specific to completely different regions (i.e. 土豆).

Tag with a Measure Word

Measure words (Chinese: 量詞量词; pinyin: liàngcí), also referred to as classifiers, combine with numerals to indicate the quantity of a noun or number of occurrences of an action.

Not all nouns or actions are quantifiable, and as such do not necessarily have official measure words. Also, some quantifiable nouns or actions are used without measure words (i.e. ).

Only tag a definition with a measure word if it describes a quantifiable noun or countable action and has an official, standard or widely-accepted measure word.

Also, only tag a definition with a measure word if both the traditional and simplified forms of the measure word are known. Otherwise, first consult a reliable source such as a well established textbook or experienced Chinese teacher to confirm both forms of the character before adding the tag.

Further reading

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Tag with a Part of Speech

Part of speech (Chinese: 詞類词类; pinyin: cílèi) is a way of categorizing and describing how a term can be used in a sentence.

In most western languages, terms generally have a clear, fixed part of speech. However, in Chinese, a term may take on many different parts of speech for each of its definitions.

This is an advanced feature. Only tag a definition with a part of speech if you fully understand the grammar and meaning of that definition.

Further reading

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Tag with a Formality

Formality tagging will be available soon!