CN 弹性 [tán xìng] {noun}

弹性 (also: 可弯性)
give {noun}
弹性 (also: 可弯性)
gives {noun}
弹性 (also: 挠性, 机动性, 灵活性, 适应性)
flexibility {noun}
弹性 (also: 反弹, 弹力, 弹簧, )
spring {noun}
弹性 (also: 弹力, 弹性力学, 松紧, 爽朗)
elasticity {noun}
modulus of elasticity
energy elasticity co-efficient

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Chinese 弹性地基梁
beam on elastic foundation
Chinese 弹性板理论
theory of elastic plates
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